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Your Pathway

Getting your LEGACY Book project underway could not be easier.

Your LEGACY Book project will comprise of three basic steps. Take a look at the simple processes below that make up each step, and finally lead to your completed book.

Step One:Get Started

Step One:
Get Started

  •  Make your initial inquiry by email;
  •  We will contact you to discuss your project, help you to select the best book option, and put forward a production schedule;
  •  Once agreed, we will then issue a contract. You sign the contract and pay the initial Deposit. Your project can now move on to Step Two.
Step Two:Creating Your Book

Step Two:
Creating Your Book

  •  Interviews and Research get underway. You send us your documents and images;
  •  Once your appointed US-based author has completed the writing of your Legacy Book, it is then edited by one of our team of experienced editors;
  •  Post edting, you will be sent the first draft for proofing, together with a correction/amendment sheet. Once you have read the draft, and made any comments on the correction/amendment sheet, you return the latter to us, together with the next payment. Your project can now move on to Step Three.
Step Three:Production

Step Three:

  •  Upon receipt of the correction/amendment sheet, your Legacy book will enter artwork production, and be assigned an ISBN;
  •  When completed, you will be sent a Final Proof to read and sign-off. You return the signed proof, together with the completion payment;
  •  Upon receipt of your signed proof and payment, your Legacy Book enters print production and is professionally published. Your requested printed copies are sent directly to you.